Huawei Data Cable MicroUSB 2.0 Super Fast Charging



✅ Color: White
✅ Length: 1m/3.3ft
✅ Type: USB-to-USB Micro-b
✅ Current Charging Standard: 2A
✅ 100% Original Huawei Data Cable
✅ Perfect Size for Travel
✅ Made With Ecological Materials
✅ High-Quality Huawei Data Cable 2A Micro USB Cable
✅ Exquisite Appearance, High Performance
✅ Environmental TPE Cable, Non-Toxic and Safe with Huawei Data Cable
✅ Compatible with all Huawei models support using Micro USB
✅ Support Fast Charging and Stable Data Transmission
✅ High-Speed Access to Music, Videos, Photographs, Documents Syncing, and Transferring

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